If you have ever been curious about spoken word, then SPEAKout’s workshop is dedicated to you! With no age restriction, our spoken word poetry workshop is open to ANYONE interested in gaining insights into this living art form. This is geared specially to those starting out their journey in spoken word poetry and is everything you ever wanted to know about creative writing and performance poetry. SPEAKout workshops are facilitated by an experienced poet who provides attendees guidance in acquiring skills in creative writing and performance, two transferable skills that are the backbone of any great spoken word poetry. Based on demand, SPEAKout facilitates workshops with a different focus, providing a supportive environment for those looking to take their skills to the next level. Serving as a mentor, SPEAKout shares its expertise in marketing, organization, leadership and networking skills to impart you with the knowledge and connections that are necessary to start one’s own spoken word poetry slam. Working closely with you, SPEAKout provides you with the tools and resources to create purposeful entertainment that leaves everyone inspired! By working together and taking an active role in planning creative events and projects, participants will build a strong connection to their community. SPEAKout hopes that in doing so they will become part of a growing national network of youth artists and leaders.