How do you bring the inspiration you help create into social action? Through sharing IDEAS that are WORTH RHYMING! SPEAKout presents a new branch and proposal to take poetry outside of the traditional venues it is spoken within. This is a spoken word festival event that aims to enlighten minds through educative means and artistic expression. It will be the intersection of arts, cultural interaction and innovation by identifying an interconnected world.

Spoken word artists will be performing about some of the hottest local topics, complemented with short presentations by guest speakers. These are individuals and civic leaders who are doing phenomenal work around the same topic areas in their communities.

More than entertainment, this festival event provides participants networking opportunities to make connections with individuals and community organizations. In doing so, attendees take the first step in making real positive social change. They become involved and engaged citizens by taking peaceful and constructive steps to improve a social situation. Be it homelessness, higher education, accessibility, urban development, environment, health, voter apathy and much more. Ideas Worth Rhyming promises to leave you beyond inspired and ready to spring into action!